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Sustainability Task Force

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Creating a Blueprint

In 2008-2009, seven committees formed with the purpose of developing a  list of goals for our community to achieve.  Experts in the field, interested citizens, and  city staff formed the following committees:  Water, Energy, Transportation, Waste Reduction, Urban Design, Urban Nature, and Environmental Health. 

Over a period of several months, each committee developed actions/goals for the community that will help Franklin become more “sustainable."  Together, these action items became Franklin’s Sustainability Community Action Plan, completed in the summer of 2009.   

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For Franklin, “sustainability” means the following:
• Reducing operating costs and saving tax dollars;
• Reducing our waste stream to the landfill;
• Encouraging the construction of more energy efficient buildings; 
• Protecting our water resources;
• Having the ability to walk or bike safely around town;
• Encouraging citizens to participate in home energy audits;
• Building greenways and preserving key areas of open space;
• Ensuring accessible public parks for all residents of Franklin;
• Hosting a volunteer green business partnership;
• Having bicycle racks; 
• Looking at mass transit as a transportation option for the future

Accomplishing the tall order of goals will take the support, participation, and leadership of our entire community. Many of the initiatives will result in cost savings, but all will create a stronger community that reflect our character, pride, and vision for the future of Franklin.   

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen established a volunteer Sustainability Commission to oversee the implementation of the Sustainability Community Action Plan in the fall of 2009.

Contact Andrew Orr if you have any questions or comments.