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Assistant Director of Planning

Deadline: 07/19/2017 Status: Filled


Records Clerk

Deadline: 08/02/2017 Status: Reviewing Applications


Facilities Maintenance Worker

Deadline: 08/15/2017 Status: Offer Pending


Road Inspector

Deadline: 07/25/2017 Status: Reviewing Applications


Assistant Director of Water Management

Deadline: 08/15/2017 Status: Offer Pending


Equipment Operator-Streets

Deadline: 08/07/2017 Status: Reviewing Applications


Utility Service Worker

Deadline: 08/22/2017 Status: Interviewing


Athletic Worker

Deadline: 08/22/2017 Status: Filled


Plans Examiner II

Deadline: 08/29/2017 Status: Reviewing Applications


Grounds Worker

Deadline: 08/23/2017 Status: Filled


Facilities Worker Part-time

Deadline: 08/30/2017 Status: Reviewing Applications


Driver/Operator-Sanitation Dept.

Deadline: 09/21/2017 Status: Reviewing Applications


Permit Technician

Deadline: 09/18/2017 Status: Interviewing


Stormwater Inspector

Deadline: 09/05/2017 Status: Interviewing


Athletic Worker/Seasonal

Deadline: 09/12/2017 Status: Reviewing Applications


Grounds Worker/Seasonal

Deadline: 10/03/2017 Status: Accepting Applications


Facilities Worker/Seasonal

Deadline: 10/03/2017 Status: Accepting Applications


Administrative Secretary-Water Dept.

Deadline: 09/18/2017 Status: Reviewing Applications


Landscape Maintenance Worker

Deadline: 09/20/2017 Status: Reviewing Applications


Director of Sanitation and Environmental Services

Deadline: 10/20/2017 Status: Accepting Applications


Administrative Secretary/Part-time-Finance Dept.

Deadline: 10/10/2017 Status: Accepting Applications


School Patrol

Deadline: 10/17/2017 Status: Accepting Applications