Fire Extinguishers


Disposal of home/residential extinguishersExtinguisher

  • Unwanted extinguishers from Franklin homes are accepted at Franklin Fire Station 1, 500 New Highway 96 West, Monday - Saturday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  We do NOT accept commercial extinguishers. 
  • Your extinguisher may NOT be disposed of with household trash.  Extinguishers are also NOT accepted through Franklin's BOPAE (Batteries, Oil, Paint, Antifreeze, Electronic Waste) program.

When to replace your extinguisher

  • Replace your extinguisher if the gauge or pressure indicator needle is not in the "green" or "full" area (some household extinguishers do not have gauges), or it shows signs of damage (cracking on the hose or nozzle, nozzle blocked with debris, handle that's wobbly, broken or missing).
  • Replace your extinguisher every 12 years, even if it appears to be in good working order.

Workplace fire extinguisher training

  •  Click here to watch an original FFD video that satisfies your annual OSHA-mandated workplace fire extinguisher training.
  • For more information about on-site fire extinguisher training for your workplace, please click here.