Franklin Fire Department Bike Medic Team

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Bike Medic Team group photo

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The Franklin Fire Department's Bike Medic program began in 2008 to provide rapid medical care to guests and visitors at large outdoor events, such as the annual Main Street Festival and Williamson County Fair, as well as major disasters.  Approximately 10 Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) from the department received training on slow-speed riding, climbing obstacles, and other skills to effectively manuever through tight spaces and large crowds.

The use of medical personnel on bicycles allows firefighters to reach an injured person much more quickly and begin providing care while waiting on an ambulance to arrive.  The bicycles are equipped with up to 70 pounds of equipment including defibrillators, oxygen, medications, IVs, and first aid supplies.

Bike team MSF

Bike Medic Team members Lt. Max Cook and FF/Paramedic Steve Denny at Main Street Festival 2008

FFD Bike Team member Franklin Flood 2010A Franklin Bike Medic Team member rides through Fieldstone Farms following the catastrophic flooding May 1st/2nd 2010.

(Photograph by Jeanne Reasonover appeared in the Tennessean on 5/25/2010)