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North Petway Sewer Improvements

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Project Description
The existing clay sanitary sewer lines in North Petway are in need of replacement. Several sections of the sewer do not have adequate slope to provide for proper flow through the pipes and as a result there are problems with solids transport and this promotes blockages. The goal of this project is to redesign the existing sewer system to provide a consistent depth and slope to allow for proper flow.

Intersection of West Main Street and Roberts Street along West Main Street to intersection of West Main Street and North Petway Street. From the intersection of West Main Street and North Petway Street along North Petway Street to the intersection of Culberson Boulevard, Shawnee Drive and North Petway Street.

Approximately 2,800 linear feet of 8 inch diameter sanitary sewer line.

Project Manager
Patricia Proctor, PE – Utilities Project Manager
(615) 791-3218