7th Avenue/Fair Street Intersection to Hillsboro Road Sanitary Sewer Improvements

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7th Ave/Fair Street to Hillsboro Road Sewer (West Main Phase 2) 

Project Description
The sanitary sewer infrastructure in the area of 7th Avenue, Fair Street, 9th Avenue and West Main Street has recently been upgraded to a 12 inch diameter line (See project West Main Street Water and Sewer Rehabilitation Project). Currently the sanitary sewer line immediately downstream of the newly constructed sanitary sewer lines is 8 inches in diameter. In order to provide the capacity required with the installation of larger lines upstream, the existing sanitary sewer line from 7th Avenue over to Hillsboro Road also needs to be upgraded. The water line on 7th Avenue from West Main Street to Columbia Avenue will be upgraded and tied in with the project also.

Length & Limits
Approximately 925 feet of 12 inch diameter sanitary sewer line from the intersection of 7th Avenue North and Fair Street, under Highway 96, through the parking lots of McDonald’s and Bank of America to a manhole in Hillsboro Road.

Project Contact
Patricia Proctor, PE – Utilities Project Manager
(615) 791-3218