Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

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This part of the program aims to identify and eliminate illicit discharges to ensure protection of the environment, proper clean-up of materials, and increasing public awareness of ways to protect the environment by preventing harmful discharges and accidental spills. The program includes the starting of field screening, stream inspections, wet weather monitoring, and complaint response.
The City is currently in the process of mapping its entire Stormwater infrastructure in order to begin the field screening program. Field screening means each stormwater outfall to a wet-weather conveyance or stream is evaluated for the presence of pollutants such as chlorine, phosphate, and sediment. This is a map of our progress:
Infrastructure Inventory

An Illicit discharge is any discharge that is not permitted to enter into the City’s storm drain system (aka, the City’s MS4). Examples of permitted uses are as follows (for a complete list refer to FMC § 23-110) 
    Foundation drains and pumps 
    Air conditioning condensate 
    Landscape irrigation 
    Lawn watering 
    Water from crawl space pumps 
    Uncontaminated footing drains and pumps 
    Individual residential car washing (does not include fundraiser car washing) 
    Dechlorinated swimming pool discharges

To report an illicit discharge contact the Pollution Prevention Hotline (615) 791-3218.