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Governing Body

The governing body of the City shall consist of a mayor and eight aldermen.  For a look at the current aldermen and contact information go here.


Aldermen must be residents of the State of Tennessee for more than one year and residents of the City of Franklin for at least six months immediately preceding their election to office. Aldermen must reside within the city during their term of office. Aldermen at large are not required to reside within any particular ward. The aldermen who are elected by ward must have resided in their respective wards for at least sixty days preceding their election, and shall continue to reside within the ward during their term of office.

Term of Office

Aldermen serve staggered four year terms. Every two years elections are held in the City of Franklin. Voters elect the mayor and at-large aldermen during one election. Ward Aldermen are elected two years later.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • To serve as an elected representative of the members of his/her ward
  • To enact ordinances
  • To serve on committees as appointed by the Mayor. Committees study various issues and make recommendations to the full Board. Currently, there are four standing committees: Public Transportation, Public Enterprise, Public Safety, and Budget & Finance
  • To serve, personally or by appointment by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, as a trustee, governor and/or representative on a variety of schools, hospitals, charitable foundations, and trusts

Warning: Please be advised that e-mail you send to or receive from any elected City official or staff member may be a public record subject to the Tennessee Public Records Law, T.C.A. §10-7-503.