The City of Franklin Administration Division starts with the City Administrator's office.  The City Administrator is appointed by the Board of Mayor and Alderman and is responsible for carrying out the policies and programs approved by the Board.  Within the Administration Office is the City Engineer/Capital Improvement division, Communications/Special Events/Franklin TV, Project and Facilities Management, the Assistant City Recorder for Records and the Legal Office.

Please contact the Administration Office at 615.791.3217

New Main Street 2009

Our Vision:

Franklin will continually strive to be a community of choice for individuals, families, and businesses to grow and prosper through an excellent quality of life supported by exceptional, responsive, and cost effective City services.

Key Principles:

• Excellence. Our goal is the delivery of high quality service to citizens and co-workers alike. We are proud of our level of service and our continuous improvement efforts. We measure ourselves against the “best in class” in both the public and private sector.

• Innovation. We are open to new ideas and methods of providing services and meeting community needs. Ideas and approaches are “mined” from a variety of sources including those outside of government service.

• Teamwork. Resources are shared. Problem solving should be expected of each individual but is also a shared endeavor. Collaboration is a fundamental skill both within the organization and with other community-serving entities. Department directors establish positive working relationships with their counterparts at the county, within other municipalities, and with key state government officials. Employees throughout the organization know they are valued.

• Integrity. Our actions and words are in harmony. If you make a mistake, own it, take action to correct the situation, and move on.

Action-oriented. Team members act with a sense of urgency to meet the needs of citizens, co-workers, and the community. We seek to make a difference everyday. We will always make the most of the opportunities presented to us.