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Capital Investment Committee

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Alderman Brandy Blanton

Alderman Beverly Burger  615.498.4794
Alderman Dana McLendon
Alderman Margaret Martin

Capital Investment Committee

To view the approved minutes of the 3/11/10 CIP meeting, click here

01. Call To Order

02. Approve Minutes Of February 11, 2010

03. Presentation On The Harpeth River Restoration And Removal Of The Low Head Dam And Impoundment Grant Project.
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

04. Consideration of Request for Authorization to Use a Septic System for a Six (6) Acre Lot at 4341 Carothers Road in Lieu a Sanitary Sewer System Extension.
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

05. Consideration of Proposal from CDM for Construction Management-at-Risk for the Delivery of the Jackson Lake Dredging/Rehabilitation Project.
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

06. Consideration of the Agreement with Carothers Land Company for the Purchase of Rights-of-Way and Easements Necessary for the South Carothers Parkway Extension in the Amount of $146,000.00.
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

07. Consideration of the Final Change Order with Stansell Electric Co. for theRiverview Street Lighting Project for a Decrease to the Contract Price in the Amount of $21,653.51.
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

08. Discussion Concerning the Maintenance of the Fieldstone Farms Stormwater Pump Station at the Pedestrian Tunnels as related to Contract Number 2009-0076 regarding ownership and maintenance of the pedestrian tunnels.
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

09. Discussion on Advanced Metering Infrastructure.
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

10. Consideration of the Dedication of Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Property known as Tax Map 64, Parcel 20.01 by Southern Land Company, LLC.
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

11. Consideration of Request from the Villages of Clovercroft to Use Individual Residential Low Pressure Grinder Pumps for Lots 140, 141 & 142 Verses Extending the City’s Gravity Sanitary Sewer System to Serve These Lots.
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

12. Consideration of Final Change Order with Garney Companies, Inc. for the Five Mile Creek Interceptor Sewer Project For A DEDUCT of $119,549.60.
David Parker, City Engineer/CIP Executive

13. Street Projects’ Status Reports:
a. Mack Hatcher Parkway Extension
b. Hillsboro Road Improvements
c. McEwen Drive, Phase III Improvements
d. 3rd Avenue Extension
e. South Carothers Parkway Extension
f. Columbia Avenue Streetscape Project
g. Carlisle Lane/Boyd Mill @ SR 96 West Signalization
h. Jordan Road

14. Water Management Projects’ Status Reports
a. ARRA Drinking Water Project – Raw Water Reservoir Rehabilitation
b. ARRA Green Projects – West Reclaimed Water Line, Downs Boulevard Reclaimed Water Line
c. ARRA Clean Water Projects – Boyd Mill Low Pressure Sewer, Country Road Low Pressure Sewer
d. Southeast Water Line
e. Monticello Wastewater Collection
f. Carter Street Wastewater Collection, Water Distribution
g. Downs Boulevard Water Line
h. Franklin Integrated Water Resources Plan
i. Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Specifications
j. Fieldstone Farms Wastewater Pump Station #2 Upgrade

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